Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Stuck in the Middle

Stuck in an elevator with 11 social studies teachers and being the obvious fat guy isn't fun. It was a million degrees. One of the passengers was "elevator expert guy". Every five minutes he would explain that we could just use our credit card to hit a release switch. One man was real upset with the doorman (William Gomes) who refused to call the FDNY. Apparently doorman are not allowed to call anyone... Its not in their job description. After several calls to NYPD, and FDNY we were saved. Sadia and Woolsey (the last ones on the elevator I might add), not me thank god, were insanely hot. Sadia at one point was pressing her face against the doors hoping for some cool air. The insanity of the heat was only trumped by the insanity of 11 people frantically calling 911 and not knowing the address.

I made it out alive. The first breathe of fresh air was overly welcoming upon the door s opening. The reaction of the FDNY (guys who go into burning buildings for a living kinda says it all...) ," Wow, its hot in there."

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Support for Doug Avella Builds

To all those in favor of critical thought, You have most likely heard about the situation in the Bronx at IS 318. On May 13 six classes of 8th graders staged a boycott in protest to being forced to take another standardized test, one of over two dozen this year. They boycotted one of the practice tests. An 8th grade social studies teacher, Douglas Avella, was falsely accused of instigating the students to boycott, and he is already in the rubber room and likely to lose his job entirely.


Friday, July 11, 2008

iCOPE --- Student/Parent Union???

Former QHST hotshot Joanna Vogel shares:

"I know the changes that need to be made in my school to make it better but the power to make these changes is out of my hands." More than three-quarters answered yes.

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