Thursday, March 02, 2006

Bridge and Tunnel

I was extremely lucky to have the opportunity to attend the one woman Broadway show Bridge and Tunnel. By the end of the trip I came to the conclusion that teachers need to utilize the city more as the resource it is.

On the trip I once again was reminded that our students for the most part live up to the expectations we set for them. Galeno set the expectations quite high. Students broke the students into groups of three to get lunch on their own with the understanding that they would regroup in front of the theatre just before show time. They all made it back on time after they grabbed a light lunch. No one was late. Students were responsible for getting their own way home. I was admittedly being overly cautious and needed to be reassured about twenty times before we let them go home that they would be safe. Galeno turned to me and said I just had twelve students traipsing through London; Time Square is a piece of cake. I trusted Galeno's judgment and it was definitely a learning experience for me.

Today while talking to Nancy she was upset that she could not get busses for the juniors for a trip on March 15th. I suggested they just meet her on Queens Blvd. and Union Turnpike and take the subway together. I also suggested they just go with the understanding that they would be responsible for their own way home. I’m not sure of her reaction to this, but two days ago, I would have thought I was crazy for the suggestion.

Thank you Andrea.

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Galeno said...

You trusted Galeno's judgement.... Maybe that was a bizarre idea!! :-)

I was proud that the biggest problems we had occurred while we were INSIDE the theatre. You all almost had ME worried!

I think that's it's an interesting thing, the letting them do their own thing. With strict meeting times and some guidelines, they generally do what you expect of them. Unlike Long Island students, who feel entitled, I find city students rise to the occasion when you trust them.