Thursday, June 22, 2006

Slipping Through The Cracks

As the teachers of social studies were grading the American History Regents Exams our freshmen took, we were interrupted quite a few times. Fires surrounding programming of the school, math teachers needing cigarettes, and stories of Sea Goblins were indeed unnecessary however as a whole welcomed.

The interruption that struck me most though is something I want to share. This interruption is the thing that separates us so much from other schools. Teachers were stopping into our grading enclave to check on the progress of "their" students. They wanted to know how well "their" students did on the History Exam. No one is slipping through the cracks. Even Nancy Ferrara stopped into to announce how proud she was of a struggling senior who finally passed the RTC.

I love working in this school because we do care so much about the success of our students. No one slips through the cracks. A perfect example was when Frank Swetten was cheering as his advisory students were announced one by one as passing the exam. I have to admit it was a great feeling knowing that my colleagues are so concerned.

Knowing our students and shoring up the cracks will always be the thing we do well!

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