Thursday, August 23, 2007

New School Year Stuff

While driving south through Brooklyn on BQE just before you pass the Brooklyn Bridge, there is one section of parkway where all you see is self storage places. Have these places always existed? or have we become so programmed to hold onto everything and acquire anything that we need to rent extra space for our stuff, nowadays?

One of the many amazing things in the Department of Education is that every year I somehow seem to change my classroom. I get to move all the stuff I've claimed in the name of education and start over again. As a teacher I am notorious for my stuff. I have plenty of stuff, I use some of my stuff, I can't say no to free stuff and can't get rid of old stuff. Sometimes I think I hide behind my stuff to avoid doing other stuff.
Not this year. As my New School Year Resolution I'm going to let go of my stuff. Say, "no" to stuff. Give away my stuff.

Basically does anyone else have a New School Year Resolution?


Anonymous said...

I have the same exact problem and resolution...actually I am selling off most of my stuff...well at least all of my elementary resources this weekend Aug.25-26 from 10-4 at 299 28th St in Copiague (South Western Suffolk just east of the Nassau Border) If anyone is interested I have just about everything you could use in an elementary classroom..e-mail me at PLEASE PASS THE WORD!!!

Anonymous said...

Wally, did you happen to notice the Statue of Liberty and the spectacular view in addition to all the storage facilicities? LOL.
My resolution is to smile more on the outside...because I usually am smiling on the inside. And to use less paper.....I figure, the fewer copies I make the less "stuff" I accumulate.
I've been watching "Clean House" a I am equipped with the tools I need to stay neat!

See you (too) soon!
Demi Kaplan

d. o'neill said...

What a coincidence that you are writing about throwing out the old and bringing in the new. I purposely left a large container full of old notes and lessons at school, first because I was just too tired in June to bring it home and then never went back because I didn't want to look back. I decided to start anew since teaching 9 years has made me too reliant on what was done in the past. Certainly not everything will change but I hope to take a different approach and in doing so aspire to become a better and more effective educator. However, I will admit that I have not thrown anything away as of yet.

Anonymous said...

It's interesting to see how little 'stuff' there is here in Kenya in the classrooms I've seen. Demi's comment about paper rings true - there is no copy machine here so the idea of passing out an agenda, worksheet, survey, syllabus, etc., is nonexistent.

Ms. Mayo said...

Hi Ruth!

I think working without copies sounds both scary and liberating.
I may even try it for a week!


Mr Tesler said...


Saw this post, and I am totally inspired.

Sometimes, I think we have "stuff" simply for the sake of having it. I've got books, materials, etc. that I haven't looked at in years. Things that at this point might even be outdated. All it does is take up space in the classroom.

I decided it was time to make a clean break. I started giving some of my stuff away. Additionally, I am going to make the effort to go as paperless as possible. Getting the kids to post to the blog as opposed to handing in mountains of papers. Posting projects, papers online.

Anonymous said...

My resolution is to begin to accumulate as much stuff as possible. I already got 2 couches (from Wally) and unwanted school supplies (from Lafergola). I am a proud NYC public school teacher and therefore have sacrificed personal income for more altrustic endeavor. Please drop off all unwanted stuff to Room 530. I now have lots of closet space. Thanks, Woolsey