Sunday, September 23, 2007

Pirates, Fire, and Socialization

In most schools events like the one we had last Wednesday would probably only occur in late June. Honoring student achievement is often a closing ceremony of any school. We have created a tradition of something different in Montessori. We have shared and celebrated the achievement of our students past year upon their return to school. The new freshmen get to share in our school culture right from the get go.

We almost got it right. We did have some miscommunication as to “who gets honors” (not running list from the Gardener Community was disheartening and painful when recognized) and we did have some slight glitches as to “how” the ceremony should transpire, but on the whole we as a community started the year with a truly special event.

FIRE—yes we might very well be the only school in the NYC BOE that distributes fire to 450 kids at the start of the school year. This displays an amazing amount of trust, and inspiring sense of unity, and possibly an insane risk factor. (Although to date we have never had an incident) As I looked around through the auditorium at the faces of the new students and peered into the eyes of those about to embark on the conclusion of their time here at QHST, I was truly re-inspired to dedicate myself to our community of learners. We have and amazing selection of staff and students of diverse interests and backgrounds.

The BBQ event after the candle ceremony went off rather smoothly. Students who can often be withdrawn in a classroom setting, began to open up in the lower risk social setting. The student government made their way through the crowds encouraging participation. We were even visited by several students whom graduated last year. Everyone seemed to have a smile on their face.

Upon return to the classroom on Thursday, I could already feel a sense of community with a freshmen class that I have only just met. One student asked me if “...We do these sort of events often?” My reply was, ”Not enough and never with as much fire.”

The photos in the third floor common area say it all.

PS> As for the Pirates…… it was after all September 19th! What do you expect?

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