Friday, January 04, 2008

School Commendations Come With a Critique

Published: January 4, 2008

It was supposed to be a day to celebrate the city’s best schools. The schools chancellor, Joel I. Klein, trekked to Public School 46 in Bayside, Queens, to announce that the schools that had received the highest marks on the city’s new school report card were to receive a windfall of extra money.

But when he invited Assemblyman Mark Weprin to the microphone, Mr. Weprin, a Queens Democrat, seized nearly five minutes of the news conference to lambaste the grading system and the Bloomberg administration’s focus on standardized testing to measure achievement.

“Our schools have turned — I know the chancellor is standing here, but — to Stanley Kaplan courses in a lot of ways,” Mr. Weprin said, referring to a large test preparation company.

Lacing his comments with apologies for being “impolite,” Mr. Weprin said, “Too much focus is trying to get the right answers on tests and not enough focus on, in my opinion, on learning. And a good teacher doesn’t just teach how to get the right answers, a good teacher inspires, and a lot of that is being lost in our schools.”

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Mr Tesler said...

It's about time! Kudos to Mr. Weprin for having the courage to speak up and state what has happened in our schools. Meaningful, memorable educational experiences are being replaced by test-taking strategies. Is it any wonder that by the time they reach high school many kids no longer enjoy school?

Superfly said...

Yes yes! You go Weprin! And standing right next to Bloomberg? The man is brave...!