Thursday, September 04, 2008

In tough times for BREC, new principal looks for fresh start

By Patrick Hedlund

When students return to school next week at the Bayard Rustin Educational Complex, a new face will greet them in the halls of Chelsea’s largest public high school.

BREC’s newest principal, Nancy Amling, has been busy preparing for the 2008-’09 school year since it was announced at the end of June that she would be taking over at the beleaguered institution.

Her appointment came following a difficult year for BREC, which has recently come under scrutiny for poor grades, violence involving students, and divisions among the administration, staff and the former principal.

Amling, 51, formerly an assistant principal at the Queens High School of Teaching in Bellerose, was hired on an interim basis by the Department of a Education and will be subject to review by the DOE and a committee made up of Rustin staffers in October to determine if she’ll keep the job. But until then, Amling is focused on righting the ship at Rustin and helping guide the school into a new future.

“I’m right where I’m supposed to be, and I’m the woman for this job,” Amling told Chelsea Now on Tuesday, a day before BREC’s freshmen orientation and a week before school officially starts.


Anonymous said...

she is the woman for the job, as a former fcollegue of Ms. Amling, she has all the necessary knowlege and tools to make a fresh start for BREC

Anonymous said...

As a parent of one of her former students in QHST, I think she will have great sucess in her endeavor to make this school fuction a lot better. She will be a great addition to this school. I am only sorry that she will no longer be at QHST, she was a great teacher there.

Lisa H.

Anonymous said...

At the risk of sounding biased about my former colleague (and one of my mentors), Nancy is not only the right person for the job but is the right person to take the school above and beyond all expectations. Thanks Nancy. I would wish you luck, but you won't need it.


Anonymous said...

The abuse of power continues under the new leadership.... Programming at the beginning of the school year was a complete mess to say the least! Ell students, are being shifted around & misprogrammed, Sped students are being programed into main stream classes clearly violating what the child's IEP mandates.
The new principal, has zero respect for the veteran teachers,or anyone that is not an ISA ass kisser.
Sped students were not able to participate on an all day trip during PSAT day, and were also excluded from senior picture day! Oh! they simply forgot to include them. Talk about insulting!!!

On parent teacher conference evening, the new chief in charge assigned students to hand out report cards to parents.. What a violation of student's privacy!!!!

Adult's and children's rights are being violated and no one seems to either care or notice.

Yes BREC, has a big fat F not only was the turd to blame but we also have to question the directors ahhh, and lets not forget the Superintendent that instead of providing support the Principal with support or removing him when the rest of the world saw how incompetent he was instead she covered up for him and swept all his mistakes under the rug. What a slap to our intelligence, she asked us what we wanted in a principal, We told said we wanted someone with experience and the opportunity to get away from ISA. What do we get? we get an *ISA cult follower. Who in her short time at BREC has shown how stupid she is. Yes the abuse and favoritism continues, if you are young,white and an ass kisser you are chosen to be an assistant director, or work out of the best classrooms. I invite anyone to visit BREC, our student population is mostly Hispanic and African American we have very few role models for them to look up to. Is it that there are no black and Hispanic teachers? So what, students published a book! But are they honestly being prepared to succeed in college? We don't offer AP classes anymore the curriculum is watered down, because ISA says so... Should we not expect more from our African American or Latino students?

Veteran staff members are made to feel unwelcome, Guidance counselors are being overworked, because ISA says so.. We have been partners with ISA for 5 years & clearly ISA, the turd, directors and the superintendent is the reason we have A BIG FAT F!

The buzz last week was the C30 process for the new principal... a process that has no meaning,the DOE expects teachers and parents to interview and recommend a candidate, For what? They will just put in place who ever they decide regardless of what the C30 panel recommends. What a waste of time...
Yes, BREC continues to fail and the only ones at a loss are the children.

What ever happened to "NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND"

Anonymous staff member at BREC