Monday, November 23, 2009


Its Thanksgiving

What am I thankful for?

  1. My boys Wally is healthy happy and 7 , Victor is happy hungry and 5
  2. Garbage cans . The garbage is literally pilling up in the third floor common area. But a garbage can there would solve the problem.
  3. The train. It has become a symbol of what the school used to do right … Unfortunately the once “Montessori “common area has become a staging area for cutting students . Teachers and administration find it easier to turn a blind eye rather than confront student who are not in their community.
  4. The PIS. We need one.. It empowers teachers with information.
  5. Three small communities. Lets get the small back… Each community should take control of their common area, and students without classes should only be allowed to be in their assigned common area.
  6. Freshmen Team. We are still trying to shape our instruction, we constantly remind ourselves of our mission from the concept paper. And we value our team members.
  7. Faye. I don’t understand how the 307 suite ran without her.
  8. International Trip. I can’t wait
  9. Our Schedule. I am so happy that I get to be on the early schedule next year.
  10. Copy Machines. Sometimes I forget that I worked for 3 years in a school with no copy machines or working computers.


Anonymous said...

I am grateful for students because they remind me to think about the future but enjoy the moment. I am grateful for have been a Montessorian. I am grateful for all my colleagues who remain Montessorians. I am grateful for health, for people to love, for those who know me well and love me anyway. I am grateful for possibilies and planning and still being excited about education.
Happy Thanksgiving All -
Love, Nancy

Teach4all said...

I am grateful for educators who don't prod volatile students into confrontation so that they can get arrested.

Ex QHST student said...

The problem is not the cutting, the problem is the students that are cutting that have no appreciation for education and then realize to late that they have wasted an education.