Saturday, April 15, 2006

Essential Question


You know I love my essential question...What is the responsibility of an individual to other members of society? It's perfect for almost all of literature, school,! I'm sure it can be a lens that we could use in history as well. The sophs are reading To Kill A Mockingbird in English class. How can we use the essential question to tie our work together?



W Brown said...


After much thought I feel its pretty obvious how the question fits into the Unit on the crusades and the Renaissance my students are embarking on. My only concern (and not valid in the least) is that you will finish your book before I complete my unit. I have about 2 1/2 weeks of research planned around how the individual took hold the fields of science, literature, government, and art... (think of people like Galileo, Guttenberg, Da Vinci )

The culminating project will be something of a portrait of an individual who was responsible for change in Europe and comparing them to themselves who are responsible for change here...

Ms. Mayo said...

I'm not sure when we'll finish the book. I'm still playing with ideas for a big finish. May do some group work around the trial. I could leave some time after that to support the work you're doing in your class. Maybe we should figure out a year end joint culminating project?