Saturday, April 29, 2006

Post Secret

Tara turned me on to an incredible book, Post Secret, by Frank Warren. We should work together to design a Montessori advisory project around this concept-- it really gives insight into human nature and self. Check it out at



W Brown said...


How can we work this into an advisory piece? I do think the site is quite intriquing. I would love to post embarrassing stuff about myself somewhere, How though...secret blog?

Ms. Mayo said...

Ha! How many times do I have to tell you that blogs are not secret!?

If you think the site is intriguing, wait until you see the book!

I think we could use the foreword to the book-- explain how it can be healing to let go of some of the stuff we don't like to deal with, help us to be more sensitive to others, look at some of the examples-- some painful, some funny, all reveal aspects of human nature that will likely strike a chord in most of us. Make a few of our own as models. The art itself is really pretty. We could use them as our Montessori display a la the other communities' quilts and trees and mosaics and such. A display like the tiles on the fence we saw on the way to NYU for the NSRF Conference. Colorful and meaningful.

W Brown said...

Wow, the tiles....

ok this sounds great...please share the book with me on Monday. Has anyone else read the book?

I would like to complete this before the Spring Fling..

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine has a nice poetry lesson. The poem starts "I Never Told Anybody but..." and students complete the sentence with all kinds of things like
I used to say 'waw waw' for water.
When I was little I thought the tv show stopped when I turned it off and would start again at the same spot when I turned it on.

I have a copy of one that's pretty cool.

W Brown said...

The students really enjoyed the lesson. We really need to make so time to display these finished products. I was thinking the cafeteria during Spring Fling.