Sunday, October 29, 2006


The following appeared in the PIS a week ago.

"There is a question that I would like to throw out. Do we need four computer rooms? One model would be to distribute the computers to the classrooms of teachers who use technology as essential part of their teaching and use some of the rooms as generic classrooms. Don’t forget we are now a wireless school and will continue to purchase rolling labs with 32 laptops. Perhaps Walter could post a paragraph on his blog designed to elicit teacher responses to this question. Maybe I’m wrong – maybe we do need all four labs."

Please post your suggestions !


Anonymous said...

When we have purchased enough rolling labs for teachers to use then the computer rooms will become obsolete. These rooms would serve us much better as regular classrooms which, as we all know, we have too little of. But the question remains...when are we getting the rolling labs?

W Brown said...

well or ms anonymous

Anonymous said...

I agree with the person who asked the big question, "When are we getting the rolling labs?" Until that time, the students need the computer rooms. There will also need to be working printers in the classrooms.

D. O'Neill said...

Sorry Brown, I am Ms. Anonymous but entered myself incorrectly. Nice to know I am "well said".

Anonymous said...

I would like to make the recommendation that we shut down 3 labs and distribute the computers to all the classrooms. Each classroom might get 1 more computer.

Since we all do extensive amounts of group work, not all students need an individual computer. If each group had one or two computers (laptops)then I think that would be acceptable.

We are getting 36 laptops in January (as per Mr.Z). If we invest in carts that hold 9 or 18 laptops we can divide the carts among teachers on a reserve basis. Larger projects can always reserve the remaining computer lab. I believe that although this system is not as flexible as massive labs, it still provides decent access to technology in the building. It also seems more managable in both time and money to maintain this type of system. We also open 3 large rooms for classroom use.

What do you folks think?

W Brown said...


I think you are a genious, you must have had a great student teaching expereince.!!!

Anonymous said...

I think woolsey has a good idea. Could we get away with two computer rooms? This way we could also accomodate students in our small school that has become a medium sized school. I know Brian needs computers in room 205. I could use another one in the art room!!! I also have photoshop for computers but am afraid to install it because they are in such disarray. Did i spell that right?


Anonymous said...

Will the our teachers treat this equipment with the care they would have as if they paid for it out of their own pockets, or will it be treated like the refrigerator, microwave and sink in the teachers' dining room? We are so fortunate to even have these options!

Mcano said...

Agree with Woolsey. We currently have 4 computer labs, how about cutting down to two and the one rolling lab. It requires that we all work together to make sure that they are not destroyed.


Cleopatra Returns said...

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