Monday, October 09, 2006

Guns in SLCs???

Like everyone else in America I was appalled by the school shooting in Lancaster, PA. However to think this is some sort of epidemic, and the need for drastic measures now must be taken is a little ridiculous. The recent incidents are not "violence in schools" related, but rather the acts of depraved media grabbing suicidal morons invading the sanctity of our schools. Schools are not less safe however society may be.

The recent violent events in schools should not be confused with "school violence".

"I don't suggest [arming teachers] is the only answer or the silver bullet to solve all our school violence problems," Lasee said. "But it's part of the puzzle of making our schools a safer place for our children."

As for Rep Frank Lasee of Wisconsin, he has obviously never sat in on an SLC (faculty) meeting when the issues of comp time, the sequence of history classes, pizza during advisory, or alpha vs. numeric grades has been an issue. I do not want my colleagues to carry weapons. I know I'm safer because they do not.
Watch a heated partisan debate over the issue here if your filter allows .


bulka said...

As long as theres guns on the street, schools will never be safe, plain and simple. Metal detectors wont stop anyone, if someone wants to bring a weapon into school they'll find a way.

goddess said...

What I found was interesting was, as we know, this is nothing new. The worst inscidnet of school violence was in 1927 in Bath, Michigan

I honestly can't think of an easy solution. I think we need to fix our world before we can fix this problem.

Anonymous said...

SLCs don't kill people,
_________ do. (Fill in the blank.)