Sunday, November 19, 2006

Last Straw : Leaping Backward with Technology

I do not want to beat a dead horse but.....

What is going on with the DOE? check out this website :

Can someone please explain to me why on classroom computers students can now read all the (teacher moderated) comments from this web log, but are no longer able to leave their own (teacher moderated) opinions?

This class was running quite smoothly before the growing "filter" decided to filter out student thought.

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Superfly said...

Loving your last sentence...

Can we not, as an individual school, decide which sites we want to have un-blocked? Why can't a school decide on it's own whether or not to use the filter? This new step really is ridiculous. How are students who don't own computers supposed to do internet based assignments?

We have so many computers, so much technology in QHST and we can't even use it effectively. What a waste.