Thursday, November 09, 2006

No Child

Last year around this time I pledged I would find the time to go and see this play. Being a teacher, husband, father, waiter, security guard, and teamster I still haven’t found the time to attend the show. Now that the NYTimes has picked up the buzz that Demi Bliziotis brought to my attention last year I feel I really must find the time.

I would love to make this a QHST faculty field trip. According to the article there are $20 day of show tix available for NYC teachers. I think $20 spent here is better spent than $10 on Borat.

“You come across this resistance and it shatters your idealism,” he said. “You experience this immediate frustration — how far below grade level the kids are and the way they’re acting out. You start to wonder why you’re teaching. You get so disillusioned. So just to know that Nilaja Sun was able to bring her passion to the students, and that it worked. You have a curriculum to teach, but you need to bring yourself.”


'No Child', written and performed by Nilaja Sun, is a tour-de-force look into the New York City Public Education system by the acclaimed teaching-artist and solo-performer. Ms. Sun transforms into the teachers, students, parents, administrators, janitors and security guards who inhabit our public schools every day and are shaping the future of America. Hal Brooks directs. — TheaterSource


Ms.Shih said...

I'd love to go, when's the trip?

W Brown said...

I'm thinking a THursday night in November? obviously not THanksgiving