Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Regions, Tenure, and Unfair Funding : GONE?

Watching Mr. Bloomberg's first 20 mins of his State of the City address he laid out his idea for this year's educational policy.

1. empowering principals
2. eliminating the Regional offices
3. adjusting "tenure"..... not gone
4. funding students not schools aka Fiscal Equity.

Watch the speech mins 15-25 are focussed on education. CLick on the link...drag windows media player control to 15:00 and listen.

Thursday's NYTimes article. (yes, I scooped them by a day)

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Superfly said...

So. Bloomy talked a lot about empowerment and empowering principals and students and such. I wonder though, yes we're holding principals and educators accountable for their students and all, but, I worry that empowerment will, in many places across the city, just create little tiny bureaucracy that are just as corrupt (or even more so) as the big DOE... If the grades are not what they should be, would certain educators (certainly not in QHST) inflate them to make them look good? Or would the principal (also definitely not in QHST) not do the same in order to save his or her position?
I do like the way empowerment sounds, I think it is important to hold principals and educators accountable for their students, but this still worries me… Maybe I’m missing something…