Thursday, January 25, 2007

What Happened to Monday?

“The Bush administration called on Wednesday for an array of changes to the president’s signature education law..[NCLB]. The proposals would give local school officials new powers to override both teachers’ contracts and…..”

Do you think “rating day” when all the exams have already been "rated" will be eliminated? And teachers will be forced to talk with each other in SLC meetings?

What is happening Monday? There may be a few mid-year Regent's Exams left to grade, but I am almost positive the majority of the teachers will be overwhelmend with boredom.

A plan was in place for non-instuctional, community building, among each of the three Small Learning Communities. Our school's unique structure thrives on the opportunties to reflect on our experiences and learn from eachother.

Just because the DOE is giving us the time to waste...does not mean we have to waste it. What is our professional responsibility?


teacher said...


I'm honestly confused too?

Anonymous said...

When did the schedule change?

Concerned Parent said...

I firmly believe that the success of the students in the many Queens' school districts is because the teachers/principals and the parents worked together as partners. My child received an excellent education in SD26 in his elementary and middle schools and continues to do well in high school. I shudder when I think what would have happened to my child's education if the Mayor had tinkered with our districts sooner! Although I believe that the school system does need to be improved, I always get the feeling that they are not listening to those that have the answers (teachers and parents). Don't let the DOE downgrade what works. Common sense is the key! As a parent, I rely on the professionals (you) to do what is best for all our students, especially if I don't know that this is going on. Do meet on your Mondays! Thank you all for caring!

d o'neill said...

Is it an absolute that the activities planned for Monday are cancelled? No official word has come through yet. Or has it and I just didn't hear it?