Sunday, June 03, 2007

Graduation in Doubt

Five studnets were denied diplomas because their guests cheered too much!

"In Indianapolis, public school officials this year began removing cheering parents and relatives. At one school, the superintendent interrupted the graduation program in the gymnasium last month and had the police remove a woman.

“It’s an important, solemn occasion,” said Clarke Campbell, president of the Indianapolis Board of School Commissioners. “There’s plenty of time for celebration before and after.” "


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ms. whatsit said...

Around here, they also make a BIG deal about being prim and proper during graduation. To me, however, I think that parents and family ought to be allowed to cheer. I understand that there is a certain tradition to graduation, but whose? The Victorians? Our society is so much different, and we ought to be able to enjoy graduation.

It's no wonder the general public has issues with educators.