Sunday, December 23, 2007

2007's Top Ten

I guess it is time for us to once again reflect on our last year and get ready for the next. This year so many things went 'right' for me. Please feel free to add your own top ten successes.

1. My own son started Kindergarten.
2. My brother got married and had a baby.
3. My dad shot his second hole in one.
4. I had a quote in Edutopia Magazine.
5 .I had the opportunity to mentor a college student whom I taught in 7th grade.
6. I am in relative good health (well I would be if I lost 50 pounds)
7. I considered going into school administration.
8. I had an opportunity to meet with veterans, and create care packages for the less fortunate.
9. We built a train.
10. Our school baseball team had an awesome year.

Feel free to attach your own top ten.


Superfly said...

My 2007 Top Ten:

1. The Writing Center, The Writing Center The, Writing Center.
2. I continued to play and teach in Teaching Institute.
3. We published a remarkably beautiful Literary Magazine.
4. I won a Random House poetry contest and took a wonderful workshop over the summer.
5. My nine year old brother taught me about science and plants and NYS geography that he learned in fourth grade (which he loves), he also began learning to play that guitar and has been blessed with incredible teachers whom he loves and who inspire and challenge him.
6. My fifteen year old sister decided that she wants to become an elementary school teacher and started thinking about and brainstorming colleges with me.
7. My eleven year old sister called me at college to tell me that her favorite classes in her new junior high school were gym and drama because they were to only classes where she was allowed to move around and use her energy and be herself.
8. I met and saw read Taylor Mali, Maxine Kumin, and Mark Strand and had some fab. email conversations with a wonderful poet who signed and sent me book in the mail.
9. I saw Wicked (again) in the Opera House in Boston.
10. My grades were poor and I never slept, but I was in good company because I met miles of exceptional people and made a hat-full of fabulous friends at college.

Even though I work at a cash register until two in the morning and don't know how to count, and even though I don't know where I'll be next school year, and even though I've written barely anything in the past few months... I think we'll have to call it a pretty good year, no?

Much love and luck for the next one...
peace~ joanna

Superfly said...

OH! One more, One More!
Top Eleventh of 2007:

The paper/article I co-wrote based on months of independent research with my ICOPE youth PAR research group is FINALLLY done and going to come out sometime in early 2008!!!

Will post when it's published somewhere...