Friday, December 14, 2007


I was impressed with how well prepared QHST was during this non-event. An ice storm outside, a vacation just around the bend, and students and teachers alike for the most part remained relatively calm during the extended class time. A letter from some stressed out students sparked a scare in our community that still has visions of Virgina Tech and Columbine dancing through their head. But the staff and students at QHST acted wonderfully.

We had practiced the procedure more than once before, all the teachers were well aware of the protocols that were in place. Contrary to what some have said to the media.

I was lucky enough to be in a classroom that had a radio, colored pencils, plenty of scrap paper, and a window. Everyone was calm, everyone was smiling, and of course everyone was happy that no harm came to anyone.

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Anonymous said...

Although the outcome, fortunately, was a hoax, it was very traumatic. I feel confident that the Principal, teachers and school staff would do what is necessary to ensure everyone's safety. Yes, it went well. However, let's take the opportunity to talk to others (parents, students,teachers, police) and find out what didn't actually go well. My child's room had no windows, students were extremely noisy and making comments that someone was in the building with a gun! Why was this allowed? Imaginations were running wild. Even the speaker box was not working properly, therefore, the announcements made were not clearly heard. Imagine the anxiety! I also feel that it would be a good idea to ask students to share their experience. Please note the other communities were affected not just Freire.

Anonymous said...

Correction - The room did have windows. (That didn't make sense after I posted... it's a new building! I don't why I thought I heard that right.) Nevertheless, I am so grateful it turned out well and believe it or not saddened for the students that did this. What a terrible mistake and quite a burden to carry for quite a long time! Let's hope all the students learned a valuable lesson (including those in other schools.) Happy Holidays!

teacher on campus said...

After reading this, I am reassured that the necessary actions will be taken if the situation arises again.

Our world can be a scary place but Schools shouldn't be.

Anonymous said...

From this parent's view, it was one of the most frightening days of my life. I feel no sympathy for the disturbed students, tho I am glad for the ultimate outcome. Considering the weather as well as the huge population involved, calm was held..HOWEVER, inform parents of what you know PLEASE and inform people in uniform.

Anonymous said...

Where are the two students who wrote the note? Are they still attending classes? Do they have gun toting pals? Were they in the Montessori community? How do the 8 students who were targeted feel?

Anonymous said...

According to the articles linked the girls are no longer attending the school, and the 16 yr old was arraigned on Saturday. Time will tell how the other eight mentioned on the list resolve in their own minds how this will effect them. The students were part of the QHST learning community.