Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Small Honors

On Wednesday May 10th, the Montessori Small Learning Community held its first honors awards assembly for it graduating seniors. It was moving. For the first time I actually knew everyone on the stage. I can honestly say that. When I graduated I knew 3/4 of the people on the stage. There were teachers I never had, and students I never spoke with. We were not a family. We were just a bunch of 17 year olds who got through school together. We never truely attended together.

Ok I have to say this... "I'm jealous" I wish I had the experience these students have had. They are known. They are a family. So many adults who have a true concern for them surround them.

Nancy gave the closing remarks, which I personally found inspiring:

"To the parents, I would like to say- you made it!! I know kindergarten graduation seems like yesterday, and the teenage years can be rough, but here you are and they are off the college. You have done your jobs so well and have much to be proud of. Your sons and daughters are a reflection of your decency and generosity and goodwill. Thank you for entrusting them to us. It has been a privilege.

To my colleagues, look around and know that ours is a profession filled with meaning and purpose. On evenings such as this we come together to celebrate our successes, but the truth is that each day is a reason to celebrate. Through our students we effect the future, and thereby change the world, all while getting to spend our days among teenagers who keep us young, make us laugh and remind us that we all have much to learn—not bad work if you can get.

And now to the graduates; congratulations, though the time has passed quickly, you have grown so much in these past three years. In essence, you have been the seniors in this building since you arrived, and you have always lived up to that charge. Whether you were asked to be leaders, or team members or mentors, you have risen to the occasion. We are all proud to place the legacy of being our first graduating class in your hands.

But legacies are not enough to build a future; building a future will demand of you the courage and faith to face a sometimes-uncertain world; the dedication and passion to achieve your goals, and the humor and fortitude necessary to meet challenges with confidence. I have seen all of these qualities in you, so I believe in your capacity for success.

As this ceremony comes to a close, and since this is the Honors ceremony let me leave you with a new charge:"

"Remember your value, aspire to your greatness and live your life with honor."
Thank you Nancy for these words.

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Anonymous said...

It definitely was a great speech. One that I am su... It definitely was a great speech. One that I am sure touched each and every person in the auditorium that night.