Monday, May 15, 2006


On the weekends I work at a small Italian restaurant on Long Island. The food is decent. The customers on a Saturday night are all the same. They sit at the same table and they often order the same meals. (we have an established set of protocols)

The wait staff is made up of five people of whom three are teachers. Considering the lucrative field of education, its not surprising that teachers moonlight. But what is so attractive to working at a restaurant?

I think waiting tables is a lot like teaching. The dinning room is like our classroom. The specials decided by the kitchen are the mandated standards. Our job is to facilitate a meal. Sometimes I have to adapt my presentation of the specials for the visually impaired and the hard of hearing. Sometimes I have reluctant customers. Sometimes customers bring baggage from home and admittedly often I bring my own baggage. Usually the customers are respectful. Often times they are not. (IEPs of dinning)

I have to deal with many personalities and various demands of each table. Sharing appetizers is definitely group work. Members at tables often help each other out. (cooperative grouping)

The wait staff pools our tips. We help each other out. We respect each other and at the end of each night we sit and eat a meal together. (interdisciplinary teaming)

There is no exam, but each table leaves well fed. (project-based learning)

author's thought this blog was supposed to be about QHST ....Well its the morning after Mother's Day. The resaurant was crazy last night. I'm tired and had no time to read anything yesterday.


Anonymous said...

I am sure the hard of hearing flock to your section...Between your volume and enthused animation, there is no need for a hearing aid!!!


Anonymous said...

So now let's look at the differences. Except that it is a physically exhausting job, waiting tables is so much easier emotionally than teaching. Anything that happens on any one night is forgotten and nothing is brought are too damn tired and just so glad to be home. But with teaching you bring everything home because each day is based on what was done the day before. Each day your charge is a heavy one. Unlike waiting tables where your role is very limited, in the classroom your may have to take on any number of roles such as advisor, mediator, or couselor. It is only when the end of the year is upon us do we breathe a sigh of relief and start ot feel the burden of our responsibilities lighten. it is only then that we can truly rest unless one starts to revamp what is to be accomplished in the next school year and how things could be changed for the better.

goddess said...

That was a really funny synopsis. I really like your blog. What a great way to integrate technology! Do your students like it/respond well to it?