Thursday, September 07, 2006

Cutting Edge Teaching

I just received an email from a respected colleague with an attached hyperlink to an article that appeared in the Boston Globe. I have one question after reading the atricle:

Who has more blogs Massachusetts or the Queens High School of Teaching?

“Teacher-generated blogs have been increasingly popping up from Needham to Martha's Vineyard, many in the past year. Teachers at all grade levels reveal glimpses of themselves as well as the magical moments -- and at times, difficult ones -- that can happen in a classroom. Parents, in turn, scour the blogs, post comments, or borrow snippets to use as dinner conversation with their children.”

Read the entire article click here


Ms. Feliciano said...

Ha ha... I believe QHST wins the honor of most blogs. What can I say Brown, your ideas are contagious.

D. Guglielmini said...

What I love about these blogs is not that we have so many of them, but that they are active. Not only do our teachers find the time to start a blog, but they respond to student responses and update them frequently.