Thursday, September 28, 2006

Freshmen Exhibiton

Ninety Minutes before school starts on the last Thursday of September most teachers are beginning to look over the lessons they created the night before. Some teachers are stopping at Dunkin Donuts looking for some caffeine laced inspiration. Normally I would be attempting to organize my desk or scanning the NY Times for the latest controversy.

Not Mayo.

Today Lori inspired the Montessori ninth grade team of teachers and eighty eight freshmen embark on a whirlwind tour of process analysis essays. She encouraged the visual art teacher to share some of the projects students had been working on, and convinced me to display a montage of video clips and photos I had been documenting so far this year from my history class.

This was a true exhibition. Teachers from all grade levels in our Small Learning Community, along with our principal, stopped by to share in the students pride. There were two student teachers from Adelphi in attendance and a visitor from Queens College. The amazing part of the morning was the attendance by not only the students but the parents.

No less than twenty parents attended and all seemed to leave impressed.

As I thank Lori for the experience I am also a little perturbed, she sets the bar real high for the rest of us and its only September.

Below I’ve included a video of the experience for those of you who could not attend. You will notice that the software ( just featured in the Edutopia’s latest issue) has been used to supply the photos.


D. Guglielmini said...

The exhibition was excellent. It was wonderful to see the entire cohort together celebrating student work. I especially liked how there were post-its and pens everywhere so that guests could respond to student work.

Superfly said...

Gosh guys, this thing looks and sounds amazing, I am so mad I missed it! It's wonderful to see so many students, parents, and educators celebrating their work together.