Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Honeymoon Begins

The teachers at the Queens High School of Teaching really are amazing. The freshmen team of the Montessori Small Learning Community has already begun to trouble shoot some transition problems that several new QHST students are facing. We as a team have previewed IEP’s with our SETS provider, and established an agenda for our “student talk” meeting for Friday. We have already flagged students as possibly needing an early intervention as well as one student in need of ELL services.

I know this may sound a bit “routine” but such matters in a school do not usually get handled in the first two months let alone the first two days.

The efficiency of our school has only been enhanced by the dedicated grade level teaming of teachers. It is inspiring! Transition problems, IEP reviews, and ELL programming are already being catered to on day two. Where else in NYC does this happen? (I know I’m a geek but I really get a rush from helping students navigate through the BOE).

I realize we are off to a running start (we have already planned to visit seven colleges on October 18th) and when the honeymoon ends I hope the structure we have set in place holds us together.

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