Tuesday, December 05, 2006


The Montessori seniors in my government class are amazing. Every time I walk away from the class I am re-energized as a teacher. The students always impress me. Everyone has experiences one of these types of classes at one point in their career. I am so lucky to have two of them in the last three years here at QHST.

Having co-taught a current events class with Frank Sweeten my first year at QHST that was so engaged I honestly thought my teaching career had reached a peak. I now realize that it was only a plateau.

I know so might say it's the "Honeymoon Stage" but its been three years now...

PLEASE read the blog our seniors have worked hard on creating please read the linked articles, read the comments and please feel free to respond. My students have strong opinions but I have found they listen so much better to online discussions.

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