Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Years Resolutions

  • Focus on the positive.
  • Tolerate Regents Prep
  • Plan a Summer Program that expands on what we have already accomplished.
  • Utilize DLR and SmartBoard technology into the classroom.
  • Fight the Filter.
  • Model effective teaching strategies for student-teachers.


W Brown said...

I was going to add run for political office and stop global warming...but planning a trip for the class seemed enough.

Anonymous said...

How about adding one more resolution: taking a break from work (any one of your 25 jobs; the choice is yours) and enjoying some of your time off!


goddess said...

Aw, I want to visit the Guggenheim!

I think the take a break from work is also a great idea. I would also say to find time to do something for yourself, but that might be a bit much. :p

Mr Tesler said...

Utilize DLR?

Awesome. I'm sure he's not doing much since he got fired from K-Rock.

Can you use the little clay Hamburger from "Better off Dead," too?