Sunday, December 03, 2006

Who benefits from inclusion?

In one of our last discussions I was told that “…how can you 'deal with' each issue when you aren't the one who thinks they are a problem? This discussion will go nowhere unless people who think there's some big problem speak up…”

Here is yet another opportunity!!!!!!!!

I have linked a website that shows the general benefits of an inclusion program in a school. I would love to hear what the concerns of my colleagues on this topic.

I am not going to start with the “pillars” of the concept paper we all were aware of, I want to make the argument that the idea of inclusion benefits all students of all levels. Let us be both open and honest in the discussion.

Impassioned responses are always louder than angry banter.

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Maria Crowe said...

Thank you for maintaining the Montessori blog and sharing it with everyone. I guess you are approaching the Inclusion issue this week since it is National Inclusive education week. I just want to remind everyone that inclusion is not a program. Inclusion is a philosophy and idea. The programs that include students with disabilities vary in style and structure depending on the school. We must remember that when we meet a student with a disability we have met " a student with a disability"... no two are created equal. Once again I thank you for this blog. God bless you