Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Standardized Paradigm Shifting

"When our grandparents went to school, there was a finite amount of information," she said. Now, she said, the focus is "not so much that I have to learn everything there is to learn, but now I need to learn how to find what I need to know." (article linked below)

Is tech-literacy testable? According to ETS, the new skills are testable and standardized tests with these skills are being rolled out in many states. This is very exciting; imagine a Regents Exam with access to the internet.

Students might actually see some relevance, might scare some teachers though.

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps not scare teachers, but create a very big change. Not only will teachers need support and instruction, but technology in schools will shift. There are many teachers open to change, but skeptical without proper support.