Friday, February 08, 2008

Wounded Teacher

OK.... I know the NYPD is labeled "New York's Finest", and the FDNY has been labeled "New York's Bravest", and the Corrections Officers are "the Boldest" and court officers unofficially call themselves "the Smartest", but I want to make it official that NYC Teachers are "the most Resourceful". Why?

I witnessed an amazing thing today. As I entered room 205, the freshmen art teacher who is temporarily unable to move around the room on account of a weekend injury to his knee was being helped by no less than four other adults.

Any other person would use a knee desperately needing surgery as an excuse to not try any grand project with their students, but his unwaivering commitment to providing a content linked interdisciplinary experience is worthy of applause. Brian (the Visual Arts teacher) was resourceful enough to solicit help from a permanent sub with no placement for the day, myself, another teacher, and a student teacher from Queens College. Together everyone joined in to help facilitate the lesson.

In awe of not only his dedication, but his resourcefulness I felt compelled to share this with you.

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