Monday, May 14, 2007

Advisory Visitors

Two weeks ago our school was visited by freshmen student government members from W.J.P.H.S. The visitors attended classes with select juniors and seniors. I always find it interesting how our own students view Q.H.S.T. and often attempt to listen in on the conversations. It is kind of a sneak peak into how we are doing.

Hot topic issues like DEAR, and Advisory don’t often arise. The one thing that continually comes up though is how “The teachers are all over us about our work.” It was amazing to hear a sophomore praising her opportunity to loop with a teacher who “annoyed her” but “makes me work.”

A Montessori junior invited herself into a discussion with Michael Tessler the teacher visiting from W.J.P.H.S. She enthusiastically shared her experience with the Saturday program and a video documentary she was working on. The visiting teacher was impressed.

Later after listing to the student’s lengthy explanation of her research so far. Mr.Tessler said, “Wow, so you guys offer honors classes on Saturday?” Impressed with the level of student inquiry and the obvious evidence of critical thinking, he was floored when I explained that the class was actually our replacement for traditional night school.

Later on my advisory met with the visitors to debrief the experience. After and ice breaker we centered our discussion on, “What does it mean to be from W.J.P.H.S. or Q.H.S.T?” Although the answers varied it was clear that size matters to both schools, teacher commitment was crucial, and a healthy offering of after school activities were essential for student engagement in school.

I learned much from the experience and was impressed how well our students can articulate their views of the school to others. (they really get it)


Mr Tesler said...

Hello, Walter!

Thanks for the visit to the school. Here's a link for some of my thoughts on the day. I've also asked our group to post. Would be interesting to hear your group's impression of us.

Superfly said...

I know I was wildly impresssed with all the WJPS students and had to continually remind myself that they were all freshmen when they participated more than the seniors in our government class! I'm curious to see what everyone else thought!

W Brown said...

I was shocked at the level of engagement, I hope we can all somehow tap into this energy.

musicluver said...

i really enjoyed visiting QHST. it taught me how being in an upper grade class is and how i can learn to act in certain places. i also really enjoyed the different people i was able to meet there.

Anonymous said...

Hey all QHST people hi my name is giovanni ramos if you for got. How are you guys doing good I hpoe. We at wjps had a great time at your school it was realy fun for me to see how a real school works. Thanks for all the support, and mr.brown is a cool teacher.
Hope to see you guys again
Giovanni Ramos