Tuesday, May 15, 2007

But where are the Tests?

The following appeared in Edutopia's online edition, I personally love the idea of a narrative at the end of the year for each student:

And the school's homework load? There is none.

"We have never assigned homework," Charles said.

Children do take work home, though, if they chose not to complete the work during the day.

"We don't give homework for the sake of homework. Homework has to be a byproduct of the day, if necessary," she said.

Trust is a big thing the school likes to promote.

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Superfly said...

Can we go?

Anonymous said...

How are students expected to meet deadlines and manage their time when NO DEADLINES EXIST!!
Should we just wait for them to learn to in college when the bulk of their courseWORK is completed on their own time...at HOME!(or at least, not in the classroom.)
Would you let a sprinter run the Boston Marathon without minimal training?
The one thing I have learned from 10 years teaching experience is that the more time students have to complete a task the more tempted they are to procrastinate.
More often than not, they don't need more time, or extended time. They need scaffolding, skill building and encouragement in class.
As for HW, it is an opportunity for self -assesment and self- reflection. A student can and should be trusted to realize when they need help and where to receive it if they feel they are falling behind.
Shouldn't we give them that opportunity? Yes, quality vs. quantity, but they need to receive something consistently throughout the year.

W Brown said...

I like the marathon analogy, however I don't think we are training for some big race. It is a process though and scafolding is obviously important.

Schools do have deadlines?

We still get report cards.

I am the biggest procrastinator and I went to a HS school that had the strictest deadlines. I often found the only thing HW did was remove any chance of a social life.