Wednesday, May 23, 2007

"Inspiring" quickly became the word that screamed out in my mind after participating in the Taylor Mali poetry workshop today . He used his intense passion and his keen awareness of students throughout the entire process to gain everyones attention. He exuded an air familiar understanding throughout the workshop that seemed even more genuine when he stood in front of the entire Montessori community.

Mayo and Ferrara deserve serious kudos for arranging this for the students and staff.

Keeping the passion in our relationship with education is always a challenge.

Taking a step back and reflecting on our time spent together with students and colleagues essentially allows for proper passion maintenance.

But as for now ...back to the rigor.

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Ms. Mayo said...

The response from students has been amazing. They loved Taylor's performance. I hope that advisors can use this to talk about the power of words, and encourage kids to write with passion.

As for how it relates to rigor...well, it made me think. The poem that he performed about his first wife's suicide was all the more powerful in that it was so out of line with his other readings. It spoke to the complexity of the human experience, and making art out of life's experience. I left school and headed for Border's to buy the collection of Billy Collins' poems that included "The Lanyard," and I was inspired to write when I got home. Does it count as rigor if it can't be measured?