Wednesday, July 11, 2007

24 on the 7

Today was the third day of the Montessori Summer Program 2007. We are currently in the stage of creating schematics out of a selection of photos of a retired 7 train car. It is an obvious challenge that we the students are put through, but it’s a two week summer program. Other small learning communities within the building are investigating other areas of life including sports, and even amusement parks. We are the community of Montessori we chose a model of the 7 train because the train represents the diversity of the borough of Queens. Many immigrants have come to Queens and use this line as a major mode of transportation.

I noticed when going around tables, I see how some groups have a natural born talent to fly through these schematics and make others look as if they were “dust in the wind.” Most groups are helpless when it comes to math so they respond in such a manor, “I couldn’t convert a huge amount, like 63 feet and 5 inches into an exact measurement in only inches, from one side to another. It was real frustrating, “I have never worked so hard in my life” and took awhile, when not using the calculator.” Another problem faced was as followed by another student, “The floor plan was hard to calculate, because I was the only one doing the math in the group, so it was a constant struggle; as a bunch of numbers came flying at me.”

“I have never worked so hard in my life” stated one student toward the end of the day with a big grin on her face.

In conclusion, it would be a damn shame if these students would put their heart’s on the line as well as their mind’s, for no reason. We need certain materials to build this scale model of the 7 train in the common’s area. We plan to have a replica of this train that would support human weight, with benches exactly like in subway cars by July 20th. That will be the official ceremonial date of our hard work, shown and available to the public.

But, I can’t stress enough, on how if we don’t get the materials one way or another, then we might as well just “stick a fork in it!”

Posted by John Navas


D. Guglielmini said...

I noticed you walking around quietly from room to room writing notes in your notebook. When I asked you what you were doing, you just smiled and didn't explain.
I hope to see more of your writing.

Ms. Mayo said...

Maybe some of you could do some work around fundraising. Obviously, there isn't a lot of time involved, but there may be alternatives to asking for donations on the blog.

I'm glad I stopped by yesterday; it was good to see so many people engaged in the project. Looking forward to the finished product!