Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Lucky Number 7

Today was the first day of the Montessori Summer Program 2007. I am extremely hopeful that the program will turn out as smooth as in years past. We are however running into a huge problem with acquiring the necessary materials to finish the project.

Yes to scale.

Yes a train. (actually only a third) During the school year the model will serve as a reading area for students both before and after school. Basically the replica will have benches that students could sit on and well be a train. The advertisements will be a venue to show off the students work in various content areas. There is so much more to the project that looks at the diversity of Queens, the benefit of mass transit, and the changes of Queens throughout its history.

In order to properly complete this project we are going to need plywood and other various items. (Basically if you have a Home Depot Gift Card laying around your house or you want to go out and buy one and can stop by QHST (or contact me walterbrown@gmail.com) your contribution would be greatly appreciated).

I'm not begging for money,and this project is going to happen one way or the other. However this seems to be consuming my mind of late and our options for getting the necessary resources are running out.

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