Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Will the train be ready?

The Montessori Summer Program 2007 is winding down and as always we now have a mad rush to the finish. Like any good summer program there is belt sanding to be done, paint to be applied and a ceiling to be placed on a train, but with the help from Al the master carpenter we are all sure of our ability to meet the deadline. We are reproducing turn of the century newspapers for the Flushing experience under the tutelage of Mr. Lamb. Groups of students have taken swab samples and have begun growing bacteria in our lab as we speak with help from Rebbecca a student from Queens College and the always enthusiastic Ms. G. . They will be updating us on the fare beating microbes that travel through our subway system. The English content specialists facilitated by Ms. Brody have conjured up a plan of not only writing about the highlights of the 7 line, but also digging deeper into the immigration story of one family's past highlighting the "International Express."

Please come and join us in our final unveiling of this project Friday at 2pm in the third floor common area of the Queens High School of Teaching.

This day will also be highlighted with the distribution of the Writing Center's First Literary Magazine.

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